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The Difference.


The Difference.

The Difference.  What make's Juicekeys different?  Why is Juicekeys different from Planet Smoothie or Smoothie King or any other Smoothie / Juicebar.  The short answer is very simple.  We have built our company around nutritional education, specifically striving to educate our customers on how food impacts our mind and body.  I want to discuss this issue briefly, and use 3 simple facts from our smoothie menu to back up my claim.  

1. We use real, whole, organic food.  This means our food has not been engineered or modified in any manner outside the organic process of growing, harvesting and transporting food.  

2. We use nutrient dense superfoods such as: ginger root, turmeric root, fresh frozen spirulina to enhance the vibrancy of our smoothies. 

3. We use no additives, thus the taste of our food is the taste of real food combined with other real food.  Our sweeteners are stevia leaf, organic honey, and dates.  Our sweeteners are real foods.  This is important because these real foods consist of fiber which helps to slow down digestion and absorption of the natural sugars within the food.  Simply slowing down the digestion and absorption process greatly reduces stress on the liver, where excess sugar is stored and subsquitely turned into fat.  

3a. All sweeteners are not created equal.  Food combinations are everything with sweetners.  If you combine the right foods, there many times is no need for a sweetener, the natural taste is far superior and more gratifying than any artificially comprised smoothie. 

Couple these core principals with plastic-wear derived from corn, a recycling process that returns the plastic wear back to soil, and we believe you have one of the cleanest products on the food market!