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Our Heroes

Our Heroes

We are committed in the support of our military men and women.
We've pledged 0.05% of our year end sales to the Brandon A. Barrett Honor scholarship fund at the USNA

The Brandon A. Barrett Honor Scholarship is a scholarship devoted to affording young men and women the opportunity to attend the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS). Once the donations for the scholarship total $50,000, it will be completed and a candidate for the scholarship will be named each year. 

NAPS allows future midshipman to build their moral, mental and physical foundations before entering the U.S. Naval Academy. Brandon attended NAPS before the U.S. Naval Academy and often referred to it as an experience that contributed to his personal growth and future success. 

Captain Brandon "Bull" Barrett

Captain Brandon "Bull" Barrett was a close friend to my sister and I. Bull was a fellow platoon commander during my time in the United States Marine Corps, and one of the most selfless individuals I've ever known. Brandon was killed on May 5th, 2010 while serving in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Brandon died fighting for his Marines and his country. We are committed to always remembering Bull's sacrifice. Here at Juicekeys, at the end of this year we will donate 0.05% of our year-end sales to Bull's Scholarship Fund, "The Brandon A. Barrett Honor Scholarship Fund" at the United States Naval Academy. For more information on Brandon and his Scholarship fund please email me at chris@juicekeys.com.

Lance Corporal James Stack

Kelly and I are connected with James through our families. Our families have become close friends and I consider James my brother in uniform and in Christ. James was killed in Sangin, Afghanistan on November 10th, 2010 fighting for his Marines and his country. We are committed to remembering the sacrifice that James made for all of us. In honor of James, Juicekeys will be placing donations with the Wounded Warriors Project as our company continues to grow. For more information on James and the Wounded Warriors Project please email me at chris@juicekeys.com.