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We are a locally owned and operated Organic Juice and Smoothie Bar, located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Built by a brother and sister team, our mission is to provide “KEYS” to great health. We are passionate about the synergies between nutrition, education, and leading an active lifestyle.


Who knew you could eat incredibly healthy and it taste incredibly good. Be Happy. Eat Healthy. Feel Great.


We are passionate about food being in its highest quality form, to best nourish our body. Our philosophy is to put in the ‘good’, take out the ‘bad’ and the body will naturally run towards greater health!


Marine owned and operated. Supporter of our nations finest men and women.

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Juicekeys After Dark - Podcast Episode Two with Kelly
Juicekeys After Dark - Podcast Episode Two with Kelly

We're back with the second episode of our newly dubbed "Juicekeys After Dark" podcast! We're having so much fun recording these with one of our favorite customers ever, Denise Stewart. She's the best host we could ever imagine! In this episode, Denise follows up her talk with Chris to learn about the the beginnings of Juicekeys from the other half of the "brother/sister team" that we know and love, Kelly Weger! They dive in to how the Juicekeys menu was shaped around Kelly's personal health journey, some of her favorite superfoods of the moment, and the current seasonal bowl that's quickly becoming a cult favorite. Enjoy!   

We're Hiring for Durham!
We're Hiring for Durham!

We're so excited to be opening our third location in Durham this spring and we're searching for dynamic team players to make it come alive.   


“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”