Frequently Asked Questions

We know this is a very common question. We want to be real and true to our beliefs and not conform. We want to remain passionate and true to our mission: providing healthy food that tastes great!

The Short: Our company’s focus is nourishment through high quality nutrient rich foods and counting chemicals over calories

The Long: We are pro-metabolic and believe in a well-rounded diet filled with ALL the macronutrients. When you are eating high quality food, there is no need to restrict. That does not mean you should over-indulge. Just listen to your body. We are advocates of fueling the body with high quality nutrient rich foods, accompanied by a positive, stress free mindset. We believe when the body is nourished properly, weight, hormones and health will all come into proper balance. We put a focused effort into our processing practices and sourcing the highest quality raw materials; choosing raw, local, sustainable, fair trade, organic, wildcrafted, & consciously cultivated ingredients. We believe in sustainable dietary practices that work long term. We use simple, clean, whole ingredients, and turn them into delicious recipes leaving you feeling proud of your choices and satisfied from your food.