Breathe Well


A highly invigorating inhalant designed to wash the inner nasal membranes and sinuses utilizing powerful spice extracts in a natural sea salt spring water base. It contains the highest quality wild oregano, clove bud, sage, and bay leaf oil leaving your sinuses feeling refreshed and open. Feel refreshed with just a couple sprays up each nostril.

  • allergy relief
  • clears congestion
  • immune booster
  • deeper clearer breathes
Ingredients Spring Water, Sea Salt, Wild Oil of Oregano, Wild Clove Bud Oil, Wild Sage Oil, and Wild Bay Leaf oil

We are exposed to large amounts of VOC’s, toxins, mold, bacteria etc, in our air supply, Breathe Well cleans and neutralizes these compounds in your nasal membrane without any harsh chemicals

Helps with allergies, stuffy noses and overall wellness allowing deeper and clearer breaths

We love to use it first thing in the more, before bed and prior physical activity. Try laying down or using in a hot shower or steam bath for increased effectiveness

Suggested Use: Insert nozzle into sinuses and gentle squirt. Breathe in deeply. Repeat as needed. Temporary burning, stinging, sneezing, or increased nasal discharge may occur

GMO-Free, Vegan, Wild Sourced

Servings: 1 fl. oz bottle